New Orleans Saints Are World Champions

I think it took a long time for this to really sink in for me.  The Saints won the SuperBowl.  The New Orleans Saints…. won the SuperBowl.  I’ve waited many years to have those words spill from my lips.  It’s been a long time coming.  From the first kickoff in Saints history being run back for a touchdown, to the tragic season played mostly in Baton Rouge and San Antonio following hurricane Katrina.  This season has been magical.  Each game was a thrill ride.  I had a feeling this was the year, as soon as Greg Williams was hired.  I believed enough to make a bet in Vegas last spring, and I won. 

I know much has been said about the team healing the city and the gulf coast region, but not enough has been said about the region uniting the team.  This football team played for more than personal gain, more than just a winning season, more than a championship.  They didn’t just use their athleticism.  The coaches and staff didn’t just use their own ideas and determination to guide this football team.  The 2009 New Orleans Saints had help.  They had the hearts of every fan in the Gulf Coast region who needed a victory, needed to feel proud, needed to know that hard work pays off.  Thank you, Saints.  And you’re welcome.


~ by cgarrett3 on March 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “New Orleans Saints Are World Champions”

  1. Words cannot properly describe my feeling on this, but I’ll try. I despise the saints and look forward to the return of the aints

  2. Guess that leaves you out, Sean.

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